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A Brief History of the BDDC

Celebrating 35 Years of Kennel Club Breed Club Recognition in 2021 The Birmingham & District Dobermann Club was formed in the early 70's by a group of Dobermann enthusiasts in a room over a pub in Birmingham. The Club became a KC recognised training club in 1979, when the Club held weekly classes in obedience and ringcraft training. Proving its success, in 1986 the Kennel Club registered the Birmingham Dobe as a Breed Club.


Today The BDDC actively supports funding towards Health Issues - currently our primary consideration is DCM (Cardio), Dobermann rescue organisations and research into canine abnormalities. The Club holds two Open Shows every year and our Championship Show is held in October.


The Club is administered by the Officers and Committee members, up to ten people in all. The Committee work voluntarily and are willing to be involved in all aspects of the Club's activities. The BDDC prides itself on being an open and friendly club. If you would like to help the club in any way or can offer constructive comments regarding the benefits we offer the membership, please contact any one of us to discuss your ideas. These will then be discussed at the next BDDC committee meeting.


The Birmingham & District Dobermann Club has it's own dedicated "Rescue Fund" to actively support our breed rescue organisations, giving annually donations to various Dobermann rescue organisations amounting to hundreds of pounds. If you would like to make a donation to our rescue fund, please contact Yvonne Cox.



"The Junction"  Photo sent to us in 2018 by long standing member Bob Moore of the place it all began in the early '70's in a room upstairs in this pub in Harborne, Birmingham!


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