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Herbal Remedies

The following article was written by Yvonne Cox with the assistance of Hilary Self BSc MNINH (a fellow Dobie owner) of Hilton Herbs.

Mobility Issues
Things to look for: Injury, inflammation, musculo-skeletal disorders, arthritis, tendon/ligament strain, connective tissue damage.

Hilary’s Tips: Give cider vinegar to dogs of all ages, but especially to those with mobility problems, as it will help cleanse blood toxins and reduce calcification.
Use magnetic pads for dogs with mobility problems. They can be placed inside the dogs bed. The magnets will improve circulation and improve blood supply to
areas of injury.

Suggested Remedies: Hilton Canine Mobility Support contains extract of Bambusa vulgaris, a natural and non animal source of glucosamine like compounds. These compounds are the precursors of the complex mucopolysaccharides that provide the structural components of connective tissue such as bone, tendon, cartilage and ligaments. These compounds also provide mineral absorption, strengthen the musculo-skeletal system, and help with painful conditions such as arthritis. Hilton Canine Mobility also contains generous quantities of:
* MSM for connective tissue, tendon & ligament renewal
* Devils Claw, the herbal ‘Bute’ with it’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic action
* Meadowsweet the ‘herbal asprin’. It contains salicylates that give the herb it’s antacid, antirheumatic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory action
* Yarrow for strengthening blood vessels and improving pelvic area blood supply, and Ginger a warming herb ideal for stimulating appetite, supporting digestion and stimulating the circulatory system.

The mix is ideal for dogs of all ages, but is specifically helpful to working and agility dogs or those with a genetic predisposition to musculo-skeletal problems.

Skin Disorders
Things to look for: Itching, ezcema, dermatitis, allergies, hot spots, hair loss, scratching. Refined foods, environmental pressure, compromised immunity, stress, allergies ~ all have the potential to produce poor coat and chronic skin conditions.

Hilary’s Tips: Use Hilton Phytobalm to help with itchy sore damaged skin, encourage healing and reduce pain and irritation. Use Bach flower remedy Crab Apple for internal cleansing.

Suggested Remedies: Hilton Canine Top Coat is a pure herbal formulation and contains herbs that have been carefully selected for their anti inflammatory, antibacterial, anti allergic, analgesic, wound healing, cooling and soothing properties. The mix is designed to help address the causes of a variety of skin conditions experienced by today’s dogs.

* Calendula is rich in sulphur, with antibacterial anti inflammatory soothing and healing actions ~ the supreme herb for the skin!
* Chamomile: this plant’s volatile oil chamazulene is responsible for the anti inflammatory, anti allergic, antispasmodic and tissue healing actions. Chamomile is a gentle but extremely effective plant which has been shown to reduce the allergic reaction to house dust, pollen and other common allergens.
* Nettle is rich in Vitamin C and iron, this herb is used for it’s ability to reduce allergic reactions and cleanse blood toxins.
* Cleaver is rich in silica to help strengthen coat and skin; specific for supporting the lymphatic system.
* Dandelion Root supports liver function and bile production, ensuring healthy digestion and elimination of blood toxins.
* Kelp is packed with vitamins and minerals; it is a natural tonic and excellent for maintaining skin pigmentation.

Tension Troubles
Things to look for: Anxiety, show nerves, lack of confidence, bad treatment, external stimuli, tension and digestive problems. These can all lead nervous, fearful, timid or even anti-social behaviour.

Hilary’s Tips: Use the appropriate Bach flower remedies. These work on the mental aspects of fear and anxiety and can be excellent for one off occasions like fireworks night or ring shyness.

Suggested Remedies: Hilton Tranquility mix contains herbs selected specifically for their beneficial effect on the dog’s nervous and digestive system.

* Valerian, Lemon Balm and Chamomile have all been carefully selected for their ability to help both strengthen and relax the nervous system without any ‘doping’ effect.
* Gotu Kola is an adaptogen that will help speed up recovery after stressful events and help reduce the gut irritation so often linked with stressful behaviour & tension.
* Scullcap is the supreme herb for hysteria! It’s been used for centuries to help reduce the incidence of fitting.

Things to look for: General ageing, rheumatism, stiffness, poor circulation, reduced liver & kidney function, digestive disorders, lymphatic support, arthritis.

Our oldest & best friends require special care in their twilight years; after many years of faithful companionship, we have to give them a helping hand as the aches & pains don’t disappear after rest; their immunity may be lowered and their organs are not quite as efficient as they once were in their youth.

Hilary’s Tips: Use cider vinegar for elderly dogs as a natural source of potassium and magnesium to help reduce calcification. Magnetic therapy can be helpful to increase the blood supply to joints and muscles. “Use it or loose it” ~ remember that additional weight invariably puts increased pressure on elderly joints and organs; encourage the older dog to take regular, gentle exercise to keep the joints mobile & improve circulation. (Obviously, the ‘gentle’ exercise pattern may not apply to older they ever walk anywhere?! Ed)

Suggested Remedies: Hilton Veteran has been formulated to address all of the problems associated with advancing age to help support the older dog in it’s twilight years, helping to maintain quality of life.

* Milk Thistle’s seeds contain silymarin which has both an anti oxidant and free radical scaveging action. It protects the liver from toxins and increases the synthesis of RNA thereby increasing liver cell renewal.
* Devils Claw we have described it’s properties earlier
* Hawthorn also known as the ‘Nurse of The Old Heart’, this normalises blood pressure and is an excellent heart tonic.
* Dandelion root and leaf are selected to support both liver & kidney functions. Rich in potassium, Vitamin A and magnesium; this plant will eliminate inflammatory waste products associated with arthritis and help to support the digestive system.

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