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White Dobermanns & why you should never buy one!

Our thanks to the Dobermann Club & Ruth Robinson who produced this leaflet for distribution at Discover Dogs at Earls Court following the devastating news that unscrupulous breeders are purposefully breeding these poor animals & advertising them to the un-suspecting public as 'rare' & 'sought after' specimens of our beloved breed.  And of course, these 'rare' creatures command an even rarer price tag.

We agree, they are rare, but they're rare for a very good reason...because no one should knowingly breed a pedigree dog which has inherent health problems caused by the colour of its coat.

White, Cream and "Pink" are NOT colours recognised within our breed standard; please do not line the pockets of such people; not only will you be paying an exorbitant amount for the purchase of the puppy, you may end up paying dearly for the rest of the animals life in expensive and totally avoidable vet bills. 

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