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Xyliton can be lethal (Sugar free gum)


What does this mean in the real world?

One piece of sugar free gum with xylitol has around 0.3g of xylitol in it. Some gums have as much as 1g of xylitol per piece. If you bake with the xylitol powder one cup has 190g of xylitol. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of xylitol to make 24 cakes, it will only take 2 cupcakes to cause acute liver disease in a 50lb dog. Even tic tacs are sugar free and contain xylitol.


What are the signs of xylitol toxicity?

Vomiting is usually the first sign of toxicity and then in 30-60 minutes hypoglycaemia can occur. The signs of hypoglycaemia can be lethargy, ataxia (stumbling around), collapse and seizure. In cases where the gum with xylitol was ingested the hypoglycaemia may be delayed for up to 12 hours. In severe overdoses some dogs may not display the signs of hypoglycaemia prior to the onset of liver failure. Instead lethargy and vomiting occurred 9-72 hours after exposure.  They developed petechial (small spots of bleeding on the skin and mucus membranes), and gastric haemorrhage (bleeding in the stomach).

What can you do if your dog ingests xylitol?

Immediately take your dog to your vets and let her know which items contained xylitol. Remember how much your pet consumed. Your vet will want to treat your pet with dextrose (a type of sugar) so that they do not go into hypoglycaemia shock. They will also treat your pet for liver disease if enough xylitol is ingested.



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