Championship Show Results – 28th October 2018

Judges: Dogs - Mandy Clements       Bitches - Sharon Wilkins (Zajonti)       Referee - Spencer Houghton
Arden Grange 'Have A Heart' Award - Rosemarie Matthews

Dog CC, BOS & Reserve Best In Show
Newfords' Moves Like Jagger At Calonmac

Reserve Dog CC

Lateagain Satisfaction

Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Supeta's Spells Magic At Debison


Bitch CC & Best In Show

Ch Jojavik Penelope Pitstop JW ShCM

Reserve Bitch CC, Best Puppy Bitch &
Best Puppy In Show

Get To The Point Pandora Of Chopitea


Best Veteran In Show
Ch/Lux Ch Amazon Russian Romance JW

Our thanks to Sam & Lynne Jones for the photos.


Minor Puppy Dog (6,2)

1   Supeta's Spells Magic At Debison
2   Holyhell's Hary's Boy For Toffarbach
3   Amazon Pure Russian

Puppy Dog (1,1)

Junior Dog (2,0)

1   Holyhell's Serbian Night Fever At Toffarbach
2   Korifey Dark Knight JW ShCM


Yearling Dog (1,0)

1   Shalissa's Siriusly Nutty

Novice Dog (4,2,1w)

1   Holyhell's Hary's Boy For Toffarbach

Undergraduate Dog (1,0)

1   Supeta's Backstabber


Graduate Dog (0,0)

Post Graduate Dog (5,1)

1   Supeta's Witchcraft
2   Jojavik Indian Pacific ShCM
3   Jojavik Victor Rizzi At Kateamead


Mid Limit Dog (3,0)

1   Lateagain Satisfaction
2   Shalissa's Siriusly Costly (AI)
3   Grafmax Alfie Boe

Limit Dog (6,1)

1   Swnydwr Double Take
2   Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton
3   Woodbriar Fix Up Look Sharp JW ShCM


Open Dog (10,0)

1   Newford Moves Like Jagger At Calonmac
2   Amazon Russian Roulette With Philmont JW
3   Ch Korifey Onyx


Veteran Dog (3,0)

1   Ch Woodbriar Luciano JW ShCM
2   Ch Ashlain Makriammos JW ShCM
3   Ruholfia Aragorn

Minor Puppy Bitch (9,1)

1   Jojavik Devils Ivy
2   Supeta's Under The Spell Of Evalesco
3   Amazon Ekaterina


Puppy Bitch (6,1, 1w)

1   Get To The Point Pandora Of Chopitea
2   Sant Kreal Jewel For Supeta (Imp Rus)
3   Aritaur Ginerosity

Junior Bitch (3,2)

1   Jojavik Camorra JW

Yearling Bitch (2,0)

1   Jojavik Modesty Blaise
2   Arenite Born Gifty At Rocster


Novice Bitch (5,2w)

1   Supeta's Under The Spell Of Evalesco
2   Aritaur Ginerosity
3   Only The Brave Wot A Thriller Avec Yrieix (Imp Fra)


Under Graduate Bitch (1,1w)

Graduate Bitch (2,0)

1   Aritaur On A Mission To Philmont JW
2   Lateagain Falling For You


Post Graduate Bitch (6,1)

1   Jasprico Flower Bomb
2   Evalesco High Voltage
3   Aritaur Pacific Passion


Mid Limit Bitch (7,1)

1   Amazon Let Me Love You JW
2   Izralight Firedancer JW ShCM
3   Jojavik Hermione


Limit Bitch (8,0)

1   Jojavik Daphne Blake At Zusaca
2   Dobshangrila Rebellion (IKC) JW
3   Ashlain Trypiti JW ShCM


Open Bitch  (9,1)

1   Ch Jojavik Penelope Pitstop JW ShCM
2   Ch Remesca's Reet Petite ShCM
3   Ch Korifey Treasure JW ShCM


Veteran Bitch (3,1)

1   Ch/Lux Ch Amazon Russian Romance JW
2   Ashlain Kazaviti JW ShCM

Class 25 
The Arden Grange 'Have A Heart' Award (9,5)

1  Jojavik Camorra JW
2  Ch Amazon Chanel For Alcumlow
3  Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton
4  Amazon Lex Luther


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