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Light up your life...Dobermann Style!

This amazing ‘Dobermann’ inspired hand-etched lantern and hanging bracket were auctioned during the break at our Championship show in October and Gary Daniel out bid everyone else to win this ‘must have’

lantern for his wife Claire as an early Christmas present. (Lucky Claire is what we say!!)

“THANK YOU” to both the donator & all who bid! And now, we're delighted to be able to offer them for pre-ordered sales to be (hopefully!) ready for collection at our open show on January 18th!


As well as the complete hand-etched candle lit lantern & bracket set, the silhouette hanging bracket is also available on it's own; an ideal addition to the dobe enthusiasts garden as it's fabulous for bird feeders in the winter & hanging baskets in the summer!


The complete bracket and hand-etched lantern is just £ 99.00 Silhouette hanging brackets are £ 45.00 and you can also have the hand-etched lantern only at £ 60.00

To order yours, please contact our secretary Yvonne. Email:

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