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COVID-19 STATEMENT (Updated October 2021)

COVID Safety Officer: Mr Spencer Houghton These are the following confirmed protocols under which our show will be held: • If a competitor, or anyone in their household, bubble or contacts has Covid-19 related symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19, they must not attend the event and should self-isolate in line with Government legislation. • Should you feel ill when you arrive at the show, do not enter the building; please call Spencer on 07599 900802 & a committee member will attend your vehicle & offer a lateral flow test that will need to be negative before you will be permitted to enter. • Any person who considers themselves to be in a vulnerable category must make their own decision whether it is appropriate to attend the event. • The venue and show ring will have an entrance and exit. Please ensure you observe the correct route and we advise you maintain safe distancing at all times. • Please bring your own chairs (non will be provided) and observe the marked exclusion area around the ring. • No crates or cages will be allowed in the hall (no exceptions). • Please wear a face covering when at the Secretary’s table. • Face coverings are optional when in the hall & show ring but the venue have requested they are worn whilst in communal areas i.e. corridors and toilets, please observe their wishes. • Please respect other peoples’ wishes to wear, or not, face coverings and maintain a reasonable distance when in close contact with others in the hall, ring & it’s environs. • Whilst spectators (& spectator dogs) are always welcome at our shows, anyone not named in the catalogue, including guests of exhibitors, must complete a track & trace form to be retained by the Secretary for 21 days following the show, then it will be securely destroyed. • Please make regular use of the sanitation points around the hall. • The judges will not be wearing face coverings and will be checking your dogs’ dentition themselves unless you expressly do not wish them to do so; please make the stewards aware before you enter the ring if you wish the judge to wear a face covering or if you wish to present your dogs’ dentition to the judge yourself. Hand cleansing by the judges will take place between each dog. • All catalogues must be pre-paid. • No trophies will be made available at this show.

The committee reserve the right to carry out random temperature checks. Anyone displaying a high temperature will be asked to complete a lateral flow test and may be asked to leave and seek medical advice. If you enter or attend this show, you agree to abide by the above conditions and do so at your own risk.

A copy of the Club’s Covid Risk Assessment will be made available to all exhibitors.


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