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Living As A Positive Pack Leader

An excellent communicator, during the morning talk Colin will cover pack management and separation anxiety, with a valuable “Q&A” session following the coffee break to allow you to ask the

things you want to know about your dogs’ behaviour traits.

After lunch, Colin & his ‘pack’ will give us an obedience ‘master class’ again, followed by a Q&A session. An exciting opportunity to listen to one of the country’s leading dog behaviourists whose enthusiasm has to be seen to be believed!

“For as long as I can remember, I have had an undeniable admiration for dogs; their willingness to accept and actually bond with another species so closely always amazes me. I am the proud owner of five Dobermanns and it is this ownership that triggered me to qualify as a dog behaviourist and change my career path forever. Everything that I practice/teach is based upon analysing my pack and the dogs that I work with. I’ve helped hundreds of different cases ranging from separation anxiety, fears and phobias to severe dog aggression – not a day goes by that I don’t wake up excited about the day ahead and I take this enthusiasm into the cases that I work with.” Colin Jones

£ 12.50 (Members) £ 17.50 (Non-Members) inc. Tea/Coffee - Buffet Lunch Available @ £ 5 per head

Any profits from the day go to the Birmingham Dobe Rescue Fund

Colin has posted a great taster video of a socialisation group - have a look here:

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