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Breed Specific Seminar & Judging Competence Assessment



Organised jointly by the BDDC, MDC & NEDC in accordance with the Kennel Clubs’ code of best practice for running breed seminars and assessing judging competence.

SUNDAY MARCH 29th 2015

Calf Heath Village Hall, Straight Mile, Calf Heath. Staffordshire. WV10 7DW

Morning: Part One - Breed Specific Seminar – Speaker: Mr J Richardson

(Requirement for our Breed Specialist ‘B’ List and Non-Breed Specialist ‘A3’ List)

Recommended for all ‘C List’ and aspiring C List judges and open to those who wish to build their understanding and appreciation of the Dobermann; this interactive talk on the breed standard will focus on basic knowledge with the use of live models and a “Q&A” session followed by a questionnaire to test the knowledge of the Breed Standard.

Candidates will receive an official ‘Certificate of attendance’

Afternoon: Part Two - Judging Competence Assessment

(Requirement for our Breed & Non-Breed Specialist ‘A3’ List)

Candidates will be assessed on judging competence and written critiques.

Focusing on breed specific anatomy, conformation and movement and health and welfare including all aspects of ‘Fit for Function, Fit for Life’. Successful candidates demonstrating an advanced knowledge and insight of the breed will be awarded an official ‘Breed Certificate in Judging Competence’

Costs: Part One - Dobermann Breed Seminar - £ 10.00 Part Two - Dobermann Judging Competence Assessment - £ 25.00 * Lunch is available at a cost of £ 5.00 per head

* Spaces on the judging competence assessment are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come basis.

Bookings will only be accepted with full payment & a completed booking form - please see the downloads page or telephone Yvonne: 01922 701877 (after 7pm)

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